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Punt block: Google

December 31, 2009 Leave a comment

I have some good news to share; the development of Excursional version 1.0 is finally complete!  All the mapping features are working, trips can be saved and reviewed, photos can be viewed independently or in a gallery.  It’s all ready to go.

Now to the bad news.  Since Google hasn’t gotten around to allowing Canadian developers to post paid apps, I’m now blocked.  If you think I’m frustrated, I can’t even imagine what Canadian owners of Android phones must feel – they can’t download ANY paid apps.  I realize that Google likely has a load of legal battles to wade through before they can allow Canadians access to paid content, but to be cutting off access to important functionality for a fairly large market of users is in my opinion a poor choice, at best.  They’d better get their act together soon or they’ll risk losing many disgruntled users.

– Allan