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MyNotes Hits 2500 Users

MyNotes has now reached 2500 currently installed users!  Thanks for the support everyone.

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  1. Elías ALterman
    May 12, 2010 at 1:06 pm

    Dear Sir.

    First of all I aplologize for my english. I live in Argentina, and, as you know we speak (and write) in spanish here.

    I’m writing to you about “MyNotes”, an app. that I use in my Motorola Android since march 2010.

    It is very usefull for me, because I can save my notes in the SD Card, that other similar note pads can not do. I am very happy using it, but …! I have to sort my notes alphabetically every time I open MyNotes. Is there a way to keep the alphabetical order permanently?.

    Should I by the app.?

    This is the only negative comment I may do. Everything else is great!

    Now I’ll make two wishes:

    1.- That you could understand my english (sort of..)
    2.- Have an answer to my question to alterman@arnet.com.ar

    Congratulatios for your job!

    Elías Alterman M.D.
    Buenos Aires

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